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25.  HILL, Charles O. "Charley", was born 20 September 1892 in TN.  He was the son of Eli H. HILL and Florence LEINART.  He was the half-brother of George W. HILL, who was killed in the Fraterville explosion.  He was probably unmarried.

26.  HUNTER, Robert, may have been the Robert HUNTER who was born about 1871 in SC, who was a black coal miner, in the 1910 census for Claiborne County, TN, along with his wife, Alice, and children.  They had 10 children with 7 alive in 1910.  They were:  Mattie, born about 1895 in SC; Ilar and Alice, born about 1898 in KY; Jabella, born about 1900; Susanna, born about 1902; Clarence, born about 1904; and, Howard, born about 1908, in TN.

27.  HUTSON, Marsillus "Sil", was born 1 December 1876 in Campbell County, TN.  He was the son of William R. HUTSON and Celia MILLER.  He married Ada "Addie" YOUNG 15 June 1895 in Campbell County, TN.  They had 3 children:  Edna, born June 1897; Celia, born September 1899; and, Reba, born 1900-1903, all in TN.  He married Alice Luster CARDEN 16 April 1903 in Anderson County, TN.  They had 4 children:  Clarence Elmer, born about 1904; Frank, born November 1908; Ella Elizabeth "Sis", born 1 May 1909; and, Bessie Mae, born 25 May 1912, all in Anderson County, TN.  Alice was the daughter of Robert C. CARDEN and Lucinda Catherine COPPOCK.  Alice lost her husband and brother, James T. CARDEN (#6), in the explosion.  Alice was a 2nd cousin of Charles Russell CARDEN who died in the Fraterville explosion.

28.  IRICK, William Henry "Will", was born 19 April 1881 in Anderson County, TN.  He was the son of Eliza Ella "Ellen" IRICK.  He married Nancy Loubelle "Lula" KEYS 31 January 1904 in Campbell County, TN. They had 2 children:  Willie Mae, born 5 May 1906, and Samuel C. "Sam", born about 1909, both in TN.  Lula died in 1918.

29.  IRISH, Horace Augustus "Hori", was born February 1852 in NY.  He was the son of Jonas IRISH and Harriet M. DUTTON.  He was the father of George Theodore "Dore" IRISH (#87).  He married Martha J. MURRAY 7 January 1873 in Knox County, TN.  They had 9 children.  They were:   Harriet Gertrude "Hattie", born about 1873; Sarah Naomi, born about 1875; George Theodore "Dore" (#87), who was rescued; Samuel Keebler "Sammie, born 17 January 1883; Maud L., born 22 March 1885; Hoyle and Royal J., born February 1888; Author "Arthur", born July 1889; and, Charles S., born August 1891, all in TN.

30.  JOHNSON, Thomas Andrew, was born 17 May 1884 in TN.  He was the son of James L. JOHNSON and Luvina/Levina E. JOHNSON.  He married Mae L. HAYNES 5 February 1907 in Anderson County, TN.  They had 2 children:  Grace L., born 13 February 1908, died 13 February 1908; and, Juanita, born about 1909, both in TN.  Mae was the daughter of Americus Alonzo HAYNES (#23) and Nancy Amerinthe "Nannie" STEEL.  Mae lost her husband; her father, Americus (#23); and brother, J. F. (#24) HAYNES in the explosion.  She may have been the Mae JOHNSON who married William PAYNE 30 April 1912 in Anderson County, TN.

31.  KESTERSON, Charles Frederick "Charley", was born 10 February 1888 in TN.  He was the son of James Carter KESTERSON and Mary Catherine Density HENSLEY.  He married Lizzie B. FOUST 26 November 1910 in Anderson County, TN.  They had no children.  Lizzie was the daughter of Andrew Jackson FOUST and Serelda Elmira HUCKABY.  Lizzie died 23 August 1966 and is buried in the Leach Cemetery, Anderson County, TN.

32.  LEATHERWOOD, Tilman A., was born 15 July 1884 in TN.  He was the son of Tilman T. LEATHERWOOD and Elizabeth STEVENS.  He married Bertha J. "Bertie" PETERS 26 August 1906 in Anderson County, TN.  They had 3 children:  Edna Louise, born 21 December 1907; Mildred Jeanette, born 16 December 1909; and, Pauline, born about 1912, all in TN.  Bertha was the daughter of Thomas Sithard PETERS and Mary "Mollie" HAMILTON.  Bertha lost her husband and brothers, Eugene (#53) and Roy E. (#54) PETERS, in the explosion.  She may have died before the 1920 census.

33.  LEINART, Calvin French, was born 1 January 1877 in TN.  He was the son of William McKindric LEINART and Mary Elizabeth "Ellen" JOHNSON.  He married Osey Jane "Ocie" MARTIN 11 December 1904 in Anderson County, TN.  They had 4 children:  William Cecil, born 22 September 1905; Dessie Lorene, born 4 June 1907; John Isaac, born 18 November 1908; and, Robert Clayton, born 27 December 1910, all in TN .  Ocie was the daughter of Isaac Thomas MARTIN and Martha J. "Mattie" RHEA.  Ocie married Andrew Jackson "Andy" PHILLIPS 22 October 1920 in Anderson County, TN.  They had 2 children:  J. T., born about 1925, and Greta, born about 1928, both in TN.  Ocie lost her husband and her brother, Alonzo E. MARTIN (#41), in the explosion.

34.  LESTER, Richard Jefferson "Jeff", was born 19 September 1859 in KY.  He was the son of Richard J. LESTER and Susan WARREN.  He married Martha L. "Mattie" JEFFERS about 1885.  They had 6 children.  They were:  Susan Myrtle "Susie", born 6 September 1890; George Warren, born 11 November 1898; Mae E. "Rosa", born 26 April 1900; Sam Henry, born 26 September 1902; Bertha, born 1907-1908; and, Thomas R. "Tom", born 11 May 1909; all in TN.  Mattie was the daughter of John J. JEFFERS and Melvina (Hicks) SLOVER.  Mattie married Robert T. TRAVIS 8 February 1913 in Anderson County, TN.  (Note:  although Richard's tombstone shows that he was born in 1850, he was only 9 months old at the time of the 1860 census for Pulaski County, KY.)

35.  LONG, E. J., was born 21 May 1885.  He was probably Elisha J. LONG, son of Bradford Demarcus LONG and Elvira B. "Melvina" HENNING.  He is probably the E. J. LONG who married Marline DAUGHERTY 5 June 1910 in Anderson County, TN.  She may be Marlenia DAUGHERTY, born February 1890 in TN, daughter of Daniel DAUGHERTY and Jane SMITH.  She could be the Marlena LONG who married Robert VENABLE or VENERABLE 15 August 1914 in Anderson County, TN.

36.  MARLIN, Charles "Charley", was born September 1895 in TN.  He was the son of James "Jim" MARLIN (#37) and Belle HUDSON.  He was unmarried.

37.  MARLIN, James A. "Jim", was born September 1854.   He was the father of Charles "Charley" MARLIN (#36).  He married Belle HUDSON about 1884.  They had 8 children with 6 living in 1910.  They were:  Hattie, born September 1884 (see #57); Maggie, born August 1885; George, born September 1886; Minnie Katherine, born 27 July 1887; and, Charles "Charley" (#36).   Belle (Hudson) MARLIN, daughter of James and Elizabeth HUDSON, died 25 December 1902.

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