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77.  WHITE, Charles L. "Charlie", was born 8 April 1893 in TN.  He was the son of Noah WHITE (#80) and Mary J. WHITE.  He was unmarried.  He was the half-nephew of James A. WHITE (#78).

78.  WHITE, James A., was born May 1878 in TN.  He was the son of James WHITE and Susan E. HIGHTOWER.  He married Frances "Fannie" WEAVER 4 July 1896 in Anderson County, TN.  They had 5 children:  LaVates, born July 1898; Dewey, born 1902; Loy, born 1904; Clarcie, born 1907; and, Geneva, born 25 May 1909, all in TN.  Frances was the daughter of Jesse Bradford WEAVER and Eliza E. "Lizzie" WEAVER.  Frances married Calvin L. "Callie" KESTERSON 14 February 1913 in Anderson County, TN.  James was the half-brother of Noah WHITE (#80).  Susan E. (Hightower) WHITE was a sister of Margaret "Maggie" (Hightower) BROOKS, whose husband, Richard S. W. BROOKS, died in the Fraterville explosion.  She was the Aunt of Charles H. "Charley" BROOKS who also died at Fraterville.  James' wife, Frances, was the sister of Samuel C. WEAVER. who died at Fraterville.

79.  WHITE, John E., was born 5 February 1885 in TN.  He was the son of James Russell WHITE and Nancy Elizabeth BRADEN.  He was the nephew of Mary J. (White) WHITE, wife of Noah WHITE (#80), and the 1st cousin of Charles L. "Charlie" WHITE (#77).  He married Lizzie WELLS before 1909.  They had 2 children:  Audrey Juanita, born 19 February 1909, and William Earl "Bunzo", born 19 June 1911, in TN.  In the 1920 census for Knox County, TN, Lizzie, enumerated as Elizabeth, is the wife of Charles H. WELLS.  They have twin sons, Carl and Donnie, born 1919 in TN, along with Lizzie's children, Audrey and Earl WHITE.  William Earl "Bunzo" WHITE died 31 May 1940 in a mining accident in Lynch, KY. 

80.  WHITE, Noah, was born 25 December 1863 in TN.  He was the son of James WHITE and Rebecca JOHNSON.  He married Mary J. WHITE 19 June 1888 in Anderson County, TN.  They had 2 children:  James Kelly, born 7 June 1890, and Charles L. "Charlie" (#81).  Mary J. WHITE was the daughter of John B. WHITE and Charlotte Ruth WEBB.  He married Julia CRAIG 21 July 1904 in Anderson County, TN.  They also had 2 children:  Jennie M., born about 1905, and Clarence, born about 1907, both in TN.  Julia may have been the Julia WHITE who married John SCARBROUGH 3 March 1913 in Anderson County, TN.

81.  WHITTED, Charles L. "Charley", was born 22 December 1893 in TN.  He was the son of William M. WHITTED and Sarah STOOKSBURY.  He married Bedie PROBERT 5 July 1911 in Anderson County, TN.

82.  WOOD, Alonzo, was born 1891-1892 in TN.  He was the son of William H. "Billy" WOOD and Catherine "Kate" PRICE.  He was the nephew of Martin Luther WOOD (#83) and Venia "Venie" (Wood) PITTMAN COTTER, whose 1st husband, Hillery C. PITTMAN, died in the Fraterville explosion.  He was unmarried.

83.  WOOD, Martin Luther, was born 4 May 1876 in TN.  He was the son of James WOOD and Mary J. LINDSAY.  He was the uncle of Alonzo WOOD (#82).  He may have been the Luther WOOD who married Bessie TIPTON 22 October 1898 in Anderson County, TN.  He had 5 children at the time of his death.  Bessie may have been the daughter of John G. TIPTON and Mary J. "Mollie" WOMBLE of Roane County, TN.

84.  WOOD, Lynn - no genealogical information.  He is buried in the White Pine Cemetery.


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